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Why to stay in Anica?

Anica Rental Vacation Stay


Environmentally-Friendly Travel

Our casita focus on sustainable living and the environment. Our experience is off the typical tourist path, creating a new wave of more eco-minded, sustainable travel.



We offer our guests a unique place to stay, unlike anything else in the area. Anica is located in a small country comunity that has a natural reserve that will ensure you are in touch with nature, and at night you'll experience stargazing like no other place.

Anica Rental Vacation Stay

Design and Comfort

Our authentic handmade cob casita is designed with your comfort in mind and will provide the authentic Baja life. Completely custom designed along with the high quality amenities will ensure a perfect stay.

Best rental custom home in El Sargento/La Ventana.


Surrounded by nature, Anica it’s a close and personal experience. Our casita was designed having relaxation and comfort in mind, it’s an extraordinary place where you can feel your connection with nature and earth.

A true home, equipped with everything you need for a short or long stay. You can enjoy new experiences each day, rise with sea breeze and end your day with an amazing sunset.

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